Advanced Parking Automation Systems

Advanced Parking Automation Systems
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Advanced Parking Automation Systems

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The tower-type advanced parking automation system is a kind of three-dimensional parking equipment with a higher degree of automation. Its operating principle is to lift the vehicle or the loading plate to a specified floor through a lifting mechanism, and then to transport the vehicle or the loading plate into or out of the parking space with a device installed on the lifting machine. 

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When parking vehicles, it lifts the vehicle or the loading plate to the designated layer by the lifting host, then use the traversing mechanism installed on the lifting host to send the vehicle or the loading plate to the storage space. When picking up vehicles, through the traversing mechanism, the vehicle or the loading plate on the designated storage space is sent to the lifting mechanism. The lifting host is lowered to the entrance of the vehicle and the rotating table turns the car by rotating, so as to ensure that the front faces outward. The garage door is then automatically opened and the driver enters the garage to drive the vehicle away.

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Generally, two cars are parked on one floor, and the whole parking garage can have up to 50 floors, which can park 100 vehicles. It covers an area of less than 50m2, and has the highest utilization of plane and space in all types of stereoscopic garages. Fast speed, low noise, low vibration, in line with the city's environmental protection requirements. It adopts intelligent control, and is equipped with acousto-optic guidance, super long vehicle monitoring, sensitive and reliable speed limit protection and multiple mechanical interlocks to ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel.



Type T

Specifications for parking space


5300 mm


1900 mm

Width include rearview mirror

2050 mm


1550 mm


2350 kg

Device size

N-represented series

Overall length


Overall width


Driving mode

Motor+steel cable(drag)

Operating mode

Key + card+touch screen

Control mode

PLC automatic control

Modes for car enter and exit

Go forwards to enter and exit

Slewing gear

Built-in revolving platfo

Driving device

Lifting motor

30KW 380V 50HZ

Transverse motor

3.7 kW 380 V 50 HZ

Lifting speed

0-120m/min(Frequency conversion)

Transverse sliding speed



AC380V/220V three-phase five-wire 50HZ

Modes for car parking and driving

Go forwards to enter and exit