Automatic Car Robot Parking System

Automatic Car Robot Parking System
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Automatic Car Robot Parking System

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The tower-type automatic car robot parking system is a kind of three-dimensional parking equipment with a higher degree of automation. When parking the vehicle, the equipment will be lifted to the designated storage layer by the lifting mechanism, and the exchange will send the vehicle to the parking space to realize the storage of the vehicle. When the vehicle is picked up, the vehicle will be picked up by the exchange organization and lowered to the ground by the lifting mechanism to obtain the vehicle.

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A steel structure tower is generally built on the ground, and parking equipment is installed inside, and automatic parking is adopted. It is also possible to design the tower half underground and half above the ground. There can be a single tower or several towers together. Each tower must have a separate exit. This equipment is a fully automatic high-intelligence garage. After the vehicle stops at the entrance of the ground, the driver can leave the vehicle and the equipment will automatically transport the vehicle to the parking position.

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The garage has the function of automatic rotation and turning, which can guarantee the vehicle to Go forwards to enter and exit the garage, and facilitate the driver to enter and exit the garage. It is most suitable for building in the center of a highly prosperous city and a centralized gathering place for vehicles. The safety device is complete and reliable. Compared with the lift-and-cross garage, it not only increases the functions of detecting the length, width and height of the vehicle in a full range, but also detects whether there are people in the garage and eliminates potential safety hazards.



Type T

Specifications for parking space


5300 mm


1900 mm

Width include rearview mirror

2050 mm


1550 mm


2350 kg

Device size

N-represented series

Overall length


Overall width


Driving mode

Motor+steel cable(drag)

Operating mode

Key + card+touch screen

Control mode

PLC automatic control

Modes for car enter and exit

Go forwards to enter and exit

Slewing gear

Built-in revolving platfo

Driving device

Lifting motor

30KW 380V 50HZ

Transverse motor

3.7 kW 380 V 50 HZ

Lifting speed

0-120m/min(Frequency conversion)

Transverse sliding speed



AC380V/220V three-phase five-wire 50HZ

Modes for car parking and driving

Go forwards to enter and exit