Speedy Car Parking System

Speedy Car Parking System
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Speedy Car Parking System

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The tower-type speedy car parking system adopts the principle and structure similar to the elevator. The driver only needs to park the car at the entrance, and the car lifter will automatically lift and carry the vehicle to the nearest empty parking space to complete the entire parking process.

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This parking system with a small area and large vehicle capacity. It can reach an average space of only one square meter for a single vehicle, greatly increasing land use rate. It uses comb-type switching technology. It is fast to park and pick up vehicles, with an average time of about 60 seconds. The system can automatically identify people in the garage. The system is only started when there is no people in the garage and it is safe and reliable.

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The system can meet the requirements for the use of floor-to-ceiling or underground garages from the 2-storey to the 25-story garage to achieve automatic, fast and safe car parking and pick-up. It is especially suitable for large-area parking in small areas in the city. The tower-type three-dimensional garage is a type of three-dimensional garage with the largest number of cars per unit area. 



Type T

Specifications for parking space


5300 mm


1900 mm

Width include rearview mirror

2050 mm


1550 mm


2350 kg

Device size

N-represented series

Overall length


Overall width


Driving mode

Motor+steel cable(drag)

Operating mode

Key + card+touch screen

Control mode

PLC automatic control

Modes for car enter and exit

Go forwards to enter and exit

Slewing gear

Built-in revolving platfo

Driving device

Lifting motor

30KW 380V 50HZ

Transverse motor

3.7 kW 380 V 50 HZ

Lifting speed

0-120m/min(Frequency conversion)

Transverse sliding speed



AC380V/220V three-phase five-wire 50HZ

Modes for car parking and driving

Go forwards to enter and exit