Vertical Automated Parking Garage

Vertical Automated Parking Garage
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Vertical Automated Parking Garage

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The tower-type vertical automated parking garage adopts PLC control and management to achieve a high degree of automation of the vehicle parking functions, and quickly and accurately complete car lifting, leveling, positioning, taking and sending. This type of parking garage is used in the central business districts where roads and parking spaces are extremely limited. It only takes 30s to save or pick up a car on average.

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It is a fully automatic mechanical parking device with high automation, simple operation, convenient access to vehicles, efficient use of space, and minimal space occupation. It has stable mechanical performance, simple installation and operation, flexible configuration, stable operation, reliable braking, high safety, and light and beautiful appearance. It is particularly suitable for public places such as commercial center districts, office buildings, hospitals, banks, etc. with large traffic and traffic volume.

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Compared with other types of garages, the advantages of tower-style garage are more prominent. Because it can be built very high, the utilization of its plane space and verticle space is high. The advanced control system makes it quick to park and pick up vehicles, smooth operation, high operating efficiency, and low failure rate. It has safe and reliable mechanical and optoelectronic safety devices. 



Type T

Specifications for parking space


5300 mm


1900 mm

Width include rearview mirror

2050 mm


1550 mm


2350 kg

Device size

N-represented series

Overall length


Overall width


Driving mode

Motor+steel cable(drag)

Operating mode

Key + card+touch screen

Control mode

PLC automatic control

Modes for car enter and exit

Go forwards to enter and exit

Slewing gear

Built-in revolving platfo

Driving device

Lifting motor

30KW 380V 50HZ

Transverse motor

3.7 kW 380 V 50 HZ

Lifting speed

0-120m/min(Frequency conversion)

Transverse sliding speed



AC380V/220V three-phase five-wire 50HZ

Modes for car parking and driving

Go forwards to enter and exit