Vertical Circulating Parking System

Vertical Circulating Parking System
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Vertical Circulating Parking System

The motor drives the transmission mechanism through a speed reducer, and a storage bracket is arranged at a certain distance from the chain of the traction mechanism. When the motor is started, the carriage bracket is used for circulating movement with the chain to reach the goal of the vehicle.

1. save space,more parking post space, do not need too big space where you can build a large parking lot;

2. smooth operation, no vibration noise;

3. simple operation, easy maintenance, high durability;

4. running speed so fast, vehicle access time is short;

5. equipped with safety protection device, safe and reliable use, avoid kinds of accident ;

6. photoelectric detection, vehicle parking control specifications and quantity;

7. set up a flexible, suitable for different requirements of different customers.

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