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Chang'an 1st  parking lot

Chang’an 1st building three-level garage project construction from Shaanxi Longxiang Parking Equipment Group Co.,ltd,the company responsible for the construction was completed and put into use. The project is located in Xi'an city Chang’an 1st Grassland Slope building of commercial residential area, the lifting and garage, after the completion of 99 parking spaces, effectively alleviate the area near the parking problem.

Yanchang Petroleum Qilipu parking tower

Parking garage to extend the oil is located in Yanan City, seven shop is Yanchang Petroleum Group oil and gas exploration company seven shop supporting the residential garage, garage four (each internal conjoined independent structure presents the shape, tacu), 200 units (each with a capacity for 50 cars), the overall shape showing a building style, 48 meters high, covering an area of 196 square meters, using three-dimensional automatic intelligent world's most advanced access way of car parking in Yanan area, is the most high-end greatly save area (200 normal car parking area of nearly 8 acres), reasonable to solve the parking problem residents.

Changqing road parking lot

Changqing Road parking lot in August 2015 to start construction by the transformation of the old city of Baoji City office and investment (Group) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the stereo garage has small occupation area, high space utilization, centralized parking for safe management, convenient access. The advantages of clean and beautiful appearance in line with the city development planning. Changqing Road garage by PSH the principle of design, a total of four, covers an area of 1600 square meters, can park 206 cars parked in the same number of cars, the traditional parking lot covers an area of 7000 square meters.

Xi'an Railway Bureau underground parking lot

Xi'an Railway Bureau underground parking is located in the southern suburbs Eastof Taiyi Road , in 2012 October formally put into operation, a total of 332 parking spaces, with two layers of lifting equipment, which solves the problem of difficult Railway Bureau parking area, the project is the Xi'an municipal government to support key projects.

Yangling Kangle road parking lot