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Langfang: thorough investigation of illegal parking Luantingluanfang will be severely punished

To ensure the urban road vehicle parking order norms, orderly, further improve traffic rate, reduce the phenomenon of illegal parking of motor vehicles, with immediate effect, the Langfang police in the area to carry out a one month special rectification action thorough investigation of illegal parking, illegal parking set off a new upsurge of thorough investigation.


    Because of the universal near the city of entertainment, dining places more drivers here to Luantingluanfang, in the morning, the traffic police brigade police in universal near the city of Yuhua Road 100 meters on the road placed isolation pier, prevent the driver from illegal parking. Construction of the road on illegal parking vehicles were advised to leave the propaganda, no leave the vehicle posted illegal notice, on leaving the driver of a vehicle for education.


    During the Spring Festival, the city of illegally parked vehicles and the phenomenon of the uninterrupted control measures, illegally parked vehicles on the first paste warning, illegal parking inform, not to hang a motor vehicle plate, unable to contact the owners of vehicles, unlicensed fake brand vehicles, drag it to the designated parking lot.


    At present, the traffic police brigade dispatched police every day more than 100 passengers, 15 police cars, 8 groups of uninterrupted cyclic patrol, inspection, supervision, clean up illegally parked vehicles. The focus of reverse parking, motor vehicle parking, occupy the non motorized road parking, public parking occupied harbor, parking in the Yellow grid the illegal parking behavior of.2 on the 7 day, according to the police to deal with more than 570 cars. The next step will be to increase the urban trunk road Guangyang Road, Yongxing Road, Yuhua road and other sections of the illegal parking rectification, strict control to punish illegal parking.