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Ministry of Housing Minister should ask China parking difficult: to attract social capital to build a parking lot


About China parking difficult" problems, the Ministry of housing and urban development minister Chen Zhenggao 24, said, "one of the important reasons is that we lack of family car outbreak growth preparation. The government is insufficient, the social residents lack of preparation, lack of preparation, the market also is insufficient"


On the same time, the twelve session of the twenty-fifth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee held a joint meeting, with the consideration of the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group on the implementation of production safety inspection report on the report on the inspection method, implementation of the road traffic safety law of the thematic inquiry. Eru members "take measures to solve the traffic congestion, parking is difficult to ease the problems" ask.


Chen Zhenggao gives the explanation on request. He said, "the parking problem is a typical" urban diseases ", and brought a series of problems: the first is Jeeves serious, many city roads, branch is occupied, the traffic congestion one disaster after another, also affects the city environment. Secondly, affected the normal order in the District, many areas have no access to even fire engines. Again, causing many social contradictions, affect the harmony of the society.


According to him, by the end of 2015, the private car is a total of 120 million units, the city accounted for about 80%, about 100 million vehicles per year. "We Beijing, Suzhou city several survey, now the city parking gap probably accounted for about 50%, according to estimates, the parking gap is about 50 million or so. At the same time, private the car annual increase of about 18 million vehicles, with the increasing number of private cars, the contradiction is more and more prominent, more and more large"


When talking about the next step of the work arrangements, Chen Zhenggao said: first, earnestly implement the supply side structural reform requirements, each city to make planning, puts forward the goal, strive to achieve a basic balance between supply and demand of parking in a certain period of time, it needs to strengthen the main responsibility of the local government; second, to further open the market, attract social capital into the construction of parking lot. The most important of which is to form a reasonable price mechanism, and the formation of market pricing function; third, increase the development and utilization of underground space. To make space to the underground parking lot, to the construction of underground space utilization; fourth, resolutely crack down on illegal parking behavior; Fifth To strengthen the construction of laws and regulations, increase the intensity of legislation, the construction of the parking lot, fees, management, etc. into the rule of law

we must take advantage of the space, the construction of intelligent mechanical parking lot can help us Solve the current parking difficult problem,