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Xi'an motor vehicle parking industry association annual meeting recently held

Recently, Xi'an City motor vehicle parking industry association annual meeting held in Xi'an, President of the association Mr. Feng Xiaolong and President of Xi'an motor vehicle parking industry association unit Shaanxi Longxiang parking equipment Co. Ltd., and dozens of members of the Association unit jointly attended the annual meeting. The annual meeting by industry association secretary general Chen Yong presided over the Xi'an municipal and Rural Construction Committee Director Li Wenan was invited to attend.


The selected parking lot parking equipment Specialized Committee, investment Specialized Committee, director of management committee deputy director of wisdom Park, members and consultants, and issued letters of appointment. Subsequently, director of President Feng Xiaolong and Mr. Li Wenan delivered a speech.Chairman Feng Xiaolong put forward specific work requirements of the Specialized Committee, he stressed the need to strengthen the Specialized Committee the power equipment, and improve rules and regulations as soon as possible, play a leading role and industry standards, expanding the influence of the association.


Parking industry of Xi'an city outstanding representatives of enterprises grand ceremony, together have a joyous gathering, in-depth study of the development of the 2016 social parking status and the parking industry. In the new situation of the current economy, the development of mechanical parking equipment industry is full of opportunities and challenges, the demand of mechanical parking there will be more refined, more intelligent garage high technology, Internet plus implantation is more prevalent, charging pile configuration is more popular, while the PPP model will become more and more enterprises choose the way of investment. Can adapt to these changes, related to the long-term development of the enterprise and the industry, Xi'an motor vehicle parking industry association members will continue Hand in hand, to form a concerted effort to innovative thinking of the pursuit of a healthy, stable and sustainable development of the parking industry


Xi'an motor vehicle parking industry association was founded in January 17, 2016, a year ago, in association with policy research, industry standards, consulting services as the main content, organization of the parking industry status, development, reform policy research and demonstration, to participate in parking facilities planning, construction, management, research management policy to promote advanced management; model and implementation of products, the industry standard implementation, and will be in Xi'an city to carry out large-scale parking lot construction of PPP model.