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Longxiang cloud parking management system

The new "plan, build, operate, sharing, win-win" open thinking of "Longxiang cloud parking management system" comprehensive management system, including the solution center operation system (CRS), parking management system (PMS), APP and management system, parking cloud remote monitoring system (CMS), intelligent parking lot control system (PCS), parking control system (GCS), success in the parking has been introduced into the field of cloud computing technology and the Internet has broken the traditional parking lot management. The original information island, the real implementation of the unified management system platform.

CRS system is an open system, in addition to meet the long operation and management wisdom parking lot Longxiang company, but also for operation and management of other fields. Parking is added to the system can meet the real-time state of different parking garage, and effective information monitoring of vehicles, parking management fees, the owners of the CRM information, PMS the protocol information, booking information, different parking fee information and report information. The real-time visualization of parking map to facilitate remote supervision of all garage, parking lot of the remote real-time management decision-making.

The main management system of PMS single parking lot (any one single parking lot), include Longxiang wisdom parking lot that build grand vehicle, license plate information, owner information, charge management, statistics management, booking management, CRM management, and will upload information related to the CRS system. It can meet the different types of vehicle access and the management of business, the information platform of CRM information, booking information back to the gate of local system, convenient gate system can respond quickly to different types (appointment, recharge, strange three state) vehicle access.

Longxiang cloud APP system including Android parking (Android) application platform and apple (IOS) application platform. You can order the registered owner management, online booking, booking and inquiry of garage and parking spaces, personal registration center, my wallet, integration management, sales information management, real-time navigation map to find parking spaces, mobile phone Alipay WeChat online payment, the two-dimensional code scanning pay basic management. At the same time according to the need to provide gas station, maintenance and repair, car beauty, car washing and other convenience services.

The application of network communication technology, the garage operation control of PLC data transmission through the Internet to the cloud server monitoring system, access to the cloud server to get data through the client, and processed to remote cloud remote monitoring garage operation control.

Real time simulation running animation of remote display garage

Through real-time simulation animation, can clearly and clearly monitor the parking garage running and parking conditions.

Remote real-time monitoring of garage control status

The garage control system input and output I/O point state remote real-time monitoring, convenient rapid and timely diagnosis and treatment of abnormal garage problems.

Remote real-time diagnostic alarm function

Through the remote cloud diagnosis analysis of the running state of the garage control system, the remote alarm of the abnormal situation occurred in the running process of the garage is convenient to remote centralized monitoring and maintenance.

Remote operation function

In the garage local control permit conditions, remote operation of the garage operation, remote assistance control and remote testing.


To achieve comprehensive wisdom of various types of parking lot parking spaces (such as ultrasonic monitoring, video monitoring, sense mode) Cloud Collection and parking spaces. Parking guidance information, entrance control, support a variety of payment, including two-dimensional code scanning, the follow-up will achieve other functions such as car reverse search.


garage control system to achieve mechanical stereo garage safety, high efficiency, stable operation, provide a variety of ways man-machine interface, convenient customer access car, also can be the garage operation state, parking transmission real-time status information to the cloud, cloud platform to meet higher demand. Remote monitoring control system taking into account the progress of science and technology, the life of the product, and more a customer experience to customers, high-end, advanced, open, interconnected, and practical products.

1, smart devices using SIEMENS, ABB, Schneider and other brands of large PLC, industrial Ethernet communication system, short response time, stable and fast communication, upgrade convenient; general equipment by SIEMENS, Schneider, OMRON, MITSUBISHI and other brands of small PLC, stable performance, simple operation, safe and reliable;

2, the drive uses SIEMENS, Schneider, Emerson and other world-renowned manufacturers to apply a wide range of high-end products; low-voltage electrical, select the, SIEMENS, Fuji (import), WAGO (imported) and other brands of high-performance products.

3, hand position and safety detection sensors (including photoelectric switch, proximity switch and limit switch, laser ranging, barcode positioning, industrial encoder, wireless communication, etc.) are used in Germany TURCK, P+F, LEUZE, SICK, IFM, SIEMENS and other world-renowned high performance products manufacturers, ensure product reliability and safety.