Two Post Compact Easy Car Lift Parking Management System (cradle)

Two Post Compact Easy Car Lift Parking Management System (cradle)
Product Details

Two Post Compact Easy Car Lift Parking Management System (cradle)

Cradle parking equipment adopting lifting mechanism to park in and pick up vehicles.

This system can be used on the special small space and family garage aboveground , with two parking spaces provided in each row of the standard system. The vehicle can be directly parked in or picked up on the first floor aboveground, and the supporting plate should reach the vehicle entrance or exit plane first through chain drive so as to park in or pick up vehicles on the first or second floor.

Cradle type parking equipment with strong practicability, low construction, simple installation, reasonable structure, simple structure, reliable performance, driven by the motor running smooth, quiet. Equipment installed in the framework of the green belt, fixed by anchor, the car carrying down low fell on the road, the vehicle running straight into the car park. Position of motor rotation, by wire rope rolling, gravity loading plate is always under the vertical state, the fixed frame around the axis of rotation arc height up to the parking place, the safety anti falling device to work, ensure product safety, the parking state does not affect the road cleaning and vehicle.



Type D

Basic safety devices:

1. Run-time warning device.

2. Emergency stop button.

3. Anti-mislead photoelectric protective device.

4. Malfunction alarm.

5. Anti-dropping device.

6. Limiters in both up and down directions.

7. Photoelectric device for vehicle detection and positioning device   for vehicle parking.

8. Power load protection device, phase-lack and under-voltage   protection devices.

9. Safety signs, safety lights and system operating instructions.

10. Limiting and interlocking devices.

11. Automatic power-off and brakes and other necessary safety  devices.

Specifications for parking space





Width include rearview mirror






Device size

N-represented series

Overall Length(mm)


Overall width(mm)


Overall height(mm)


Driving mode


Control mode

PLC automatic control

Driving device

Lifting motor

2.2KW 380V 50/60HZ

Lifting speed


1、the situation requirements: no special requirements, roadside green belt can be installed, just in the green belt in the construction of the foundation, the use of anchor bolt fixed.

2、easy access: car parked under the flat on the road, the vehicle straight directly into the car, take the car directly from the car carrying can go straight on the road.

3、safety first: the operation increased to the position, the shaft extension type anti fall device automatic work, play a protective role.

4、the operation is simple: the vehicle is in direct line, the motor is working, and it is promoted to the parking condition,

5、durable: all models of steel structure and board are treated against rust, durable for more than twenty years of age

6、ultra low noise: the use of brand-name deceleration motor

7、 the installation speed: because of simple structure, easy installation, can be installed at the same time, do not affect each other, save a lot of time.