Unique Intelligent Compact Underground Car Parking System

Unique Intelligent Compact Underground Car Parking System
Product Details

Unique Intelligent Compact Underground Car Parking System/PSHL-2-LX

Mechanical parking equipment adopting lifting mechanism to park in and pick up vehicles.

This system can be used on the first floor aboveground and the first or second floor underground, with two or three parking spaces provided in each row of the standard system. The vehicle can be directly parked in or picked up on the first floor aboveground, and the supporting plate should reach the vehicle entrance or exit plane first through chain drive so as to park in or pick up vehicles on the first or second floor underground.

This system is able to add corresponding storeys of parking spaces to the original ground parking spaces.Parking in or picking up vehicles in garage is realized by lifting the vehicle carrying board, and the whole operation process is controlled by computer. Its structure is simple and operation is easy. The garage has multi storeys to park in vehicles, which effectively reduces the floor area and makes full use of space. The system rises from the ground and parks in or picks up the vehicle when reaching the same height with the entrance and exit storey, and after the vehicle is parked in or picked up, it will fall down to the ground without affecting the lighting and sighting.



Type D

Specifications for parking space





Width include rearview mirror






Device size

N-represented series

Overall Length(mm)


Overall width(mm)


Driving mode


Operating mode

Key + card

Control mode

PLC automatic control

Driving device

Lifting motor

3.7KW 380V 50HZ

Lifting speed


1. Run-time warning device.

2. Emergency stop button.

3. Anti-mislead photoelectric protective device.

4. Malfunction alarm.

5. Anti-dropping device.

6. Limiters in both up and down directions.

7. Photoelectric device for vehicle detection and positioning device for vehicle parking.

8. Power load protection device, phase-lack and under-voltage protection devices.

9. Safety signs, safety lights and system operating instructions.

10. Limiting and interlocking devices.

11. Automatic power-off and brakes and other necessary safety devices.

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