Multi-level Lift&slide Car Stacking Parking Management System

Multi-level Lift&slide Car Stacking Parking Management System
Product Details

Multi-level Lift&slide Car Stacking Parking Management System/PSHL-N-LX

This multilevel car parking management system is mainly composed of five parts: steel structure, loading plate, transmission system, control system and safety protection system. It is a kind of low cost parking system. Its layout is flexible and adapts to the site well.

The vehicle to be parked is moved to the parking space by the lifting and sliding of the carriage board. The vehicles on the bottom floor can only be moved horizontally. The vehicles on the top floor can only be lifted  and lowered. The vehicles on the middle levels can be both moved vertically and horizontally.

Except the top floor, an empty parking space must be reserved for the middle and bottom floors for lifting and lowering vehicles. Vehicles can enter and exit the ground floor directly without having to move other carriage boards. When the vehicle enters and exits the middle floor and the top floor, it must first determine whether the corresponding upper or lower position is empty, and when it is not empty, it should perform a corresponding transverse movement until an upward or downward channel is generated.

This system is generally constructed outdoor for residential quarters, shopping malls, office buildings and other public places.The system can be formed in various combinations due to its simple structure, which increases the parking spaces by nearly 5.5 times compared with a plane parking system.



Type D

Type T

Specifications for parking space





5000 mm

5300 mm


1850 mm

1900 mm

Width include      rearview mirror

1900 mm

2050 mm


1550 mm

1550 mm


2000 kg

2350 kg

Device size

N-represented series

Overall length (mm)

6350 mm

6700 mm

Overall width (mm)

2500 ×N + 400

2500 ×N + 400

Driving mode

Motor + drum steel cable

Operating mode

Key + card

Control mode

PLC automatic control

Driving device

Lifting motor

2.2 kW  380 V  50 HZ

3.7 kW  380 V  50 HZ

Transverse motor

0.2 kW  380 V  50 HZ

0.2 kW  380 V  50 HZ

Lifting speed

4-6 m/min

Transverse sliding speed

6-8 m/min

1. Run-time warning device

2. Emergency stop button

3. Anti-mislead photoelectric protective device

4. Malfunction alarm

5. Anti-dropping device

6. Limiters in both up and down directions

7. Limiters in horizontal directions

8. Photoelectric device for vehicle detection and positioning device for vehicle parking

9. Power load protection device, phase-lack and under-voltage protection devices

10. Safety signs, safety lights and system operating instructions

11. Limiting and interlocking devices

12. Automatic power-off brakes and other necessary safety devices