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LongxiangAttended The “Urban Parking Expo China 2019”

2019/04/01 16:53
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On March 26th,the"Urban Parking Expo China 2019"and the"Electric Vehicle Charging Expo China 2019"were jointly held at the China(Beijing)International Exhibition Center.The“International Parking Summit-Beijing”and the“Second China Urban Traffic Charging Facilities Forum”were held concurrently.
This expo covers an area of 12,000 square meters,with 60 speakers and over 800 delegates.It is an industry event that promotes the industrialization of urban parking and charging.In the summit,the Urban Parking Branch of the China Urban Public Transportation Association was formally established and awarded the vice president`s institution of the Longxiang Group.
Our independently developed products like smart bus garage with charging function,MAX parking system,AGV robotic parking system,vertical lift parking system,rechargeable electric-motorcycle automatic parking system,smart bicycle garage,has aroused the attention and interest of many clients.
In recent years,many policies have been introduced from the government to promote the construction of charging infrastructure.However,in the construction of charging infrastructure,the coordination problem between charging facilities and parking lots is often overlooked.On the one hand,the parking space for new energy vehicles is occupied,on the other hand,some parking system has not been upgraded,but the chargeable smart parking system that developed by Longxiang has solved the two difficult problems of charging difficulty and parking difficulty.
The“International Parking Summit-Beijing”not only shared and exchanged topics such as“parking policy in the country and abroad,international parking experience,parking innovation technology”,but also invited Feng Xiaolong,chairman of Longxiang Group,to participate in“high-level dialogue”with other industry experts.Discussed topics such as"integration of parking and charging of mechanical parking equipment,property rights of parking spaces"