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What's The Difference Between Chain Type And Steel Wire Rope Type In Lift-sliding Garage?

2019/02/28 10:03
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Shaanxi Longxiang


Lift sliding parking system is the most common parking equipment,it has two main types to lift the vehicles,chain type and steel wire rope type.
1.Stability.Because chain and steel wire rope have different structure,so when a car were lifted by chain,it only moves back and forth;but when the steel wire rope lift a car,the car can swing to any direction.Chain type would be a smart choice outdoor.
2.Impact.Chain can bear tons of weight,instead,steel wire rope can be broken after long time of lifting,it must be changed every 6 months.
3.Noise.When the garage has more than three stories,the chain will make some squeaky noise,but the steel wire rope wont,its running smoothly with pulley,you can barely hear anything.
4.Cost.If the garage is no more than three stories,chain will cost less.Because the mechanical parts of steel wire rope are expensive.But if the garage is more than three stories,steel wire rope would be more reasonable choice.
5.Maintain.If some parts broke in the chain type system,all you must do is change the broken parts.But if the rope type has something broken,you’ll have to change the whole steel wire rope system.The chain type is much easier to maintain.
In conclude,chain type is recommended for garages that less than four stories,steel wire rope would be a more suitable choice for five or more stories garage.