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Congratulations To Longxiang Group And Luanchuan County Housing Construction Bureau Reached A Cooperation And Successfully Signed

Through the efforts of the company leaders at all levels and marketing personnel, Shaanxi Longxiang parking equipment group in November 24th and Luanchuan County Housing Construction Bureau successfully signed Xinghua Road intelligent parking lot project, provide parking lot planning and design, the construction, supporting the construction, post operation and parking equipment manufacture, installation, commissioning, acceptance, maintenance service. The public parking lot construction project is Longxiang group to reach PPP mode of cooperation between government and enterprises and a classic project case, parking lot by plane mobile garage construction, a total of 166 post will be built, has now started to start construction.

The signing of the Luanchuan County Bureau of housing and public parking lot Longxiang PPP project cooperation agreement, is a new starting point, for the steady development of our group and lay a solid foundation in the construction of smart city road, Shaanxi Longxiang Parking Equipment Group Co., the company will pay more efforts to make further progress. To create better results for the city, energy-saving emission reduction, slow blocking Paul Chang to contribute.


Tower parking system is a intelligent parking system.