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How To Solve Parking Difficulties In Different Country?

The difficulty of parking seriously affects people's travel and city management. Therefore, all countries in the world regard solving parking difficulties as a major issue. In addition to the construction of parking lots and the development of intelligent parking system, they are still exploring and practicing. Each of them offered a "big move" to deal with the difficulty of parking.

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01 Japan

Japanese law stipulates that a fixed parking space must be available when buying a car, otherwise the traffic control department will refuse to give the new car a license.


02 Singapore

According to the formula for calculating the floor area, buildings of different purposes can be accurately calculated at least how many parking spaces are needed. If the parking space is not up to standard, there will be corresponding penalties.


03 British 

Take London as an example, through the guidance of “urban congestion charges”, the public will choose a more efficient, more environmentally friendly travel mode, reduce the need for driving and travel.


04 South Korea

The South Korean government has doubled the gasoline tax to control the number of cars and to collect road user charges, while free of charge for vehicles with more than three passengers. After this, the traffic volume has been greatly reduced, and the problem of parking difficulties has been greatly relieved.


05 China 

Apply technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things to establish an intelligent transportation system. Actively develop the intelligent parking equipment, improve the utilization of land space is the key to the city's parking problems.


As a major problem that troubles modern society, each country has their own "prescriptions" to deal with parking difficulty. But policy is just the start, using technical skills to solve the parking difficulties is the key method.