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Longxiang Group Chairman Feng Xiaolong Was Awarded Two Honorary By Youth Enterprise Association In Shaanxi Province

"The power of poverty alleviation, youth in action".in December 2016,young entrepreneurs,  Chairman Mr. Feng Xiaolong of Shaanxi Longxiang Parking Equipment Group Co., to the attention of the economic development of the people's livelihood and social responsibility, and years of enthusiastic charity, deeds of power of social welfare, Shaanxi Province Youth Entrepreneurs Association awarded the "grand power poverty alleviation advanced individual" title, also won the Young Entrepreneurs Association 2016 annual "outstanding member" honor.


Shaanxi Longxiang Parking Equipment Group Co., Ltd was founded in 2012 in . Mr. Feng Xiaolongcontinue to seek innovation and development of enterprises with strategic thinking in practice to promote the group look far ahead from a high plane, steady and rapid development at the same time, more shoulder promote the hometown of economic construction and social responsibility of people's livelihood.


He takes a new PPP mode, Internet plus thinking power of social public transportation, for slow blocking Paul Chang, contribute to energy saving and emission reduction, and actively help the hometown of poverty alleviation, economic development. But also contribute to the society with gratitude, to lead the enterprises to jointly carry out charity, set up a "Longxiang love fund", successively to youth and society vulnerable groups total student, donated more than 300 yuan, will long Xiang love passed to more people who need help.


Mr. Feng Xiaolong led Longxiang group has always been adhering to the "positive learning, innovation, integrity, responsibility" business philosophy, hundreds of Long Xiang aspiring young people in Mr. Feng Xiaolong's role under the leadership of the way forward, continue to go beyond, the future will also help the people's livelihood, economic development of light fever, continue to make a contribution.

Our company’s product lift and slide parking system are widely used in the construction of public facilities. Improve the city land utilization rate, convenient to the people's life, alleviate the parking chaos phenomenon.