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Longxiang Group Participate in Belt and Road Shaanxi Trade EXPO 2018


Shaanxi is in a new era of development. It is willing to strengthen cooperation and exchange with other countries in the world through the “Belt and Road” initiative, implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. Share the fruits of China’s development and look for new opportunities for development.


In order to promote the implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and further deepen the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Shaanxi Province and Southeast Asian countries, the China-Malaysia “Belt and Road” Shaanxi Trade EXPO 2018 was held in Malaysia from November 30th to December 2nd.


The exhibition aims at setting up a platform for cooperation and exchange between Malaysia and Shaanxi Province of China, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs of both sides to cooperate. It is convenient for participants to establish communication while displaying the characteristic commodities of Shaanxi and Malaysia.


Longxiang Group is rooted in Shaanxi and is committed to promoting the development of the intelligent parking industry. After years of development, Longxiang intelligent parking system has spread all over the country and achieved remarkable results. Inheriting the spirit of Silk Road and expanding overseas markets, Longxiang Group entered the Malaysian “Belt and Road” special product exhibition to show the new achievements of intelligent parking technology to the world again. Products such as the AGV robotic parking system, MAX automatic parking system and smart bus parking system and electric-motorcycle automatic parking system attracted many investors to visit, observe and fully appreciated the achievements of the group.