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The Birthday Party Took Us Back To 1980s

On the afternoon of November 26th, Shaanxi Long Xiang Parking Equipment Group held a special birthday party for November’s employees. The month of eight birthday employees all participated in the birthday party and the company gathered together to celebrate for them .


In order to reproduce the memory of youth, Long Xiang employees decorated Long Xiang staff restaurant with 1980’s style, and bought playful snacks   and toys . We happily organized a "theme class meeting" and elected "class teacher" and "class leaders" .

On the birthday party, the talented staff brought the nostalgic song and dance "Green Apple Paradise", poetry recitation "I love you" and other programs,they let us feel like being in the old time. Then we played the "flower basket", "shuttlecock", "East and West" and other small games,just like "through" back to the childhood.


November Long Xiang’s birthday party was short and warm , we tasted the sweet cake,shared the joy of the birthday, felt the vitality of youth and  the warmth of home .


Long Xiang Group has developed rapidly in recent years, more and more 80s and 90s’ young employees joined this family.The young and progressive team and lively spirit has become a new climate and a beautiful landscape.  No matter what are you were born, you should maintain an optimistic attitude and the spirit of self-improvement .