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Vertical Lift Parking System

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Product description
VerticalLift Parking System is usually referred to Tower-type Parking System.It is a highly automated parking system,which uses lifts to movevehicles to the certain parking levels and the conveyors will transfer vehicles to the vacant parking spaces.
★ City Landmark-The whole parking system can be built to a 25 stories building with customized color design.
★ Space Efficient-50 vehicles occupy only 50m2 of land space.
★ Equipment Safety-Surveillance system and fire protection system equipped.
★ High Efficiency-Fully automated parking and retrieving.
★ Environment-friendly-Less energy consumption and lower noise.
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
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Vertical Lift Parking System
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