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Max Automatic Parking Syste

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MAX automatic parking system uses the parking pallet onthe same horizontal level to move the vehicles,and realize the parking and retrieving by chain track.Multi-story parking system also needs the lifter to achieve the lifting between different stories.It requires larger land space,and it is normally with 2-25 stories.By its multi-task running system,10 vehicles can be parked in one minute.
★ Automatic adjustment—automatically adjust the angle and the position of the parked vehicles.
★ Automatic parking—fully automatic running for 24*7,no more valets needed.
★ Safety guarantee—remote monitoring system equipped.
★ Space efficient—parking capacity is 6 times more than land parking.
★ Environment-friendly—less energy consumption,low noise,less vehicle emissions.
★ High efficiency—shortened by 20%of the time than normal parking lot.
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
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Max Automatic Parking Syste