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AGV Robotic Parking System

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Longxiang AGV Parking Robot adopts inertial guidance and vision guidance as navigation system.The average retrieval time stays around 90 seconds.Parking robot management system is able to coordinate up to 500 AGV robots working simultaneously,which will provide the best and fastest parking experience.
★ Reliability-With inertial and vision navigation technology,AGV robot can achieve a desired positioning accuracy of±10mm.
★ Flexibility-Dynamic parking program ensures that AGV robot can move freely without cables or tracks and can fit in different types of landform.
★ High Intelligence-Intelligent battery system enable the AGV robots charging themselves when the battery runs low,and go back to work when the battery is full.AGV robots can work 24/7.
★ Fully Automated-Due to the intelligent management system,AGV robots can finish parking automatically.Less manual workneeded.
★ Safety-Low rate of system failure.Every vehicle will be secured in the parking lot.
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
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AGV Robotic Parking System
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