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Motorcycle Parking System

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Product description
Motorcycle Parking System is mainly used to solve the problem of centralized parking for motorcycles.The system is highly automated,easy to operate,and low on land occupation.It’s flexible in site selection and can be marked as special landscape.Charging equipment can be also selected,which will enable the system to serve rechargeable electrical bicycles.
★ Intelligent System-This parking system is fully intelligent and requires no staff to be on duty.
★ Space Efficient-The parking capacity can be increased by nearly 3 times than the ground parking lot.
★ Smart Charging-Equipped with multiple smart charging devices.
★ Cost Effective-All steel structure,easy to build and maintain.
★ Safety Guarantee-Sound and photoelectric integrated safety monitoring,double protection for system operation.
★ User Friendly-Parking and retrieving are fulfilled by card swipe only,easy to operate.
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Shaanxi Longxiang
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Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
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