Intelligent Smart Car Parking System

Intelligent Smart Car Parking System
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Intelligent Smart Car Parking System


This intelligent smart car parking system uses a parking robot (AGV) as a carrier to automatically guide the parking through the intelligent dispatching AGV, and dynamically optimizes the parking position of the vehicle according to the parking demand, greatly increasing the number of parking spaces and improving the parking efficiency.

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Compared to traditional parking, the "smart parking garage" with AGV parking robot has multiple advantages. 

With automatic parking technology, owners do not have to drive in the parking lot to search for parking spaces. The AGV parking robot can quickly park the car in place, saving the owner a great deal of time, and also greatly speeding up the operating efficiency of the parking garage.

Due to the unmanned operation of smart parking garages, only diligent parking robots are shuttled in the facility, and most people cannot approach the parked cars, thus avoiding possible potential threats and being more secure.

Space saving may be the most important advantage of automatic parking technology. Because there is no need to leave the space for getting on and off the car, and no ramps or private lanes are required, more cars can be parked in the smart parking garage.

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