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Recruit the original elite team led by the first person that developed China 

mechanical garage, with 28 years’ experience of R&D, built Long Xiang the 

most cutting-edge team in the industry.


Come from German original technology, absorb the advanced experience of 

Japan and South Korea, create Long Xiang product which is known as new 

technology, high quality, and high standard and high performance.


Focus on mechanical parking equipment, specialize in parking equipment, 

customize a variety of solutions for customer, ensure that the customer choose the most appropriate product.


Introduce the most advantaged domestic and foreign processing equipment, 

the computer robot operates the whole process, make sure the product 

constantly strive for excellence and reliable quality.


Use the industry’s most advanced coating process, achieve the quality as good as the resurface of the refrigerator, no corrosion in 40 years guarantee, with 

excellent appearance and long lasting.


Professional installation team for parking equipment, more than 10 years front-line work experience, equip with complete installation tools, ensure the 

accuracy and quality of Long Xiang product.


Professional maintenance team of 120 people, 24 hours on standby, 400 direct 

maintenance service phone line, ensure emergency rescue and repairing work 

on time, so the customer can always feel at ease.


The structure is simple and clean, so everyone can clearly tell the moving line, 

flexible operation, all in computer programming operation, feel free to work 

with just a swipe of your finger.


Every processing process, each parts, each combination, clear responsibility, 

specific work is assigned to person, ex-factory qualification guarantee, persist 

in adhering to the principle of consistent rigorous.


It’s our consistent pursuance to fulfill customer demand. We have been 

working hard and always improving; striving for perfection is our permanent